Spa Journey

Spa Journey

Spa Journey spa and skin care products have been inspired by the eastern influences of Bali, Tibet, Hawaii, Tahiti and the Rainforests.  

Traditional rituals combined with natural ingredients and exotic blended oils make up this unique product range:

– Tahitian Coconut Cocoon
– Bali Heaven
– Coca-ccino Delight
– Moroccan Rose Delight

Tahitian Coconut Cocoon

– A full body massage with Monoi (virgin coconut oil blended with Tahitian gardenias).

– A gentle coconut body scrub containing rice and jasmine flowers to exfoliate and moisturise at the same time.

– The body is enveloped in a luxurious smooth and velvety body mask containing coconut, frangipani and jasmine.

– After a warm shower, a generous application of coconut cream body lotion is applied to the body.


Benefits: Skin softening and hydrating

Indonesian Bali Heaven

– Starts with a Balinese ritual of a rose petal foot spa.

– A full body massage using the exotic spice oil containing ginger, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon follows

– A body mask and exfoliator combined warms the body while it softens the skin.

– After a warm shower, a generous application of toasted spice body lotion is applied to the body


Benefits: Stimulating and warming. Good after sport or to ease aches and pains.

Coca-ccino Delight

– Starts with a full body massage using 100% cocoa butter melted with fragrant oils.

– The rich and creamy coca-ccino mask enriched with lotus seeds and fragranced with vanilla is applied to the body.

– After a warm shower, your skin is ready for the chocolate body cream which leaves a wonderful aroma.


Benefits: Moisturising and uplifting

Moroccan Rose Delight

– Begins with a rose petal foot spa

– A body polish enriched with nourishing oils is used to soften your skin

– After a warm shower, this wonderfully fragrant therapy ends with a full body massage


Benefits: Moisturing and fragrant