Popular Spa Therapies

Popular Spa Therapies

Introducing 3 popular tropical spa therapies available at Sentosa: 

Enjoy the warmth of Bali Heaven, the sheer indulgence of Coca-ccino Delight and luxury of Tahitian Coconut Cocoon.

Bali Heaven

bali-heavenBali Heaven is a spice ritual, spicy and warming to ease your aches and pains, leaving your skin soft and fragrant.  

A hand blended recipe of spicy aromatic and warming ginger, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon from Bali make up the Bali Heaven experience.

– The Balinese spa ritual begins with a rose petal foot spa.  

– A full body massage follows, using exotic spice oil.

– A Boreh Spice body wrap is next, easing aches and pains, then a warm shower.

– Lastly, Toasted Spice body lotion with its unique warm toasted sugar, honey and spices, leaves your skin soft and fragrant.

 Spicy and warming!

Coca-ccino Delight

Chocolate MassageCoca-ccino Delight is a deliciously fragrant and luxurious treat.  The pure luxury of cocoa soothes the skin and delights the senses, leaving you feeling happy and uplifted.  

This is a chocoholic’s dream……

– Starting with a full body massage using 100% chocolate pieces, melted and mixed with fragrant oils.  

– A soothing, creamy coca-ccino mask softens and smooths your skin. The mask is enriched with lotus seeds and vanilla.  

– After a warm shower, a rich application of chocolate body cream leaves a wonderful aroma.  


Tahitian Coconut Cocoon

A fragrant and nourishing anti-ageing and skin softening therapy.

Tahitian Coconut Cocoon begins with…

– A tranquil body massage using Mono oil *, coconut milk body polish and body mask, and coconut creme body lotion.

– A scented sugar polish follows to smooth your skin.  

– Next a coconut body mask covers your body and helps to soften and hydrate.  

– A relaxing warm shower prepares your skin for either vanilla or hemp scented body lotion.  

 Pure indulgence for dry skin!

Only genuine Monio oil is used for this luxurious treatment.  Monio oil comes from the Polynesian island of Tahiti and is made from virgin coconut oil, Kukui nut oil, and Macadamia nut oil blended with fragrant gardenias.