monuspa-smoothiesMonuSpa Body “Smoothie”

Achieve a silky soft skin with a “Body Smoothie”

Treatment starts with gentle dry body brushing to eliminate surface dead skin cells.

    • MonuSpa Body Buffer is applied all over the body to gently but effectively further exfoliate.

    • The Body Buffer is a gentle scrub containing papaya enzymes to brighten and balance skin tone. This powerful treatment scrub effectively prepares and nourishes, restoring hydration for soft and smooth skin and is ideal for pre and post holidays.

    • Shower with MonuSpa Conditioning Body Wash to remove products

    • MonuSpa Enriched Body Cream is gently massaged into the body to reveal super soft smooth skin.

    • The Enriched Body Cream is a rich indulgent cream to comfort and nourish the skin; containing essential oils of orange, lemon, geranium and rose, marine collagen to smooth and firm, cocoa butter to soften and protect and Vitamin E.

MonuSpa Body “SUPER Smoothie”

In addition to the above treatment procedure a full body massage treatment is given with your choice of MonuSpa Oil:

    • Bali – Relaxing sandalwood, lemongrass and rosewood essential oils

    • Kyoto – Stimulating geranium and rosemary essential oils

    • Ginger – Warming ginger, lemongrass and orange essential oils

    • Vanilla – Calming vanilla extract and a blend of citrus essential oils

BackScrubMonuSpa Deep Cleansing Back Blitz

• Cleanse • Brush • Scrub • Massage • Deep Cleansing Mask

A deep cleansing treatment for the back – the back is an area that often gets forgotten about and is difficult to reach. This treatment aids in the ultimate of relaxation, whilst dealing with congestion, oiliness and tension in the back area.

The deep cleansing back mask is left on for 20 minutes and during this time a light foot, leg and scalp massage is offered.


    • The back, shoulders and upper arms are cleansed and gently scrubbed to eliminate dead skin cells.

    • The scrub is removed with hot mitts and a choice of body massage oils is offered : 
      • Ginger (warming) • Vanilla (calming) • Bali (relaxing) • Kyoto (stimulating)

    • The back, shoulders and upper arms are massaged to aid circulation and ease tension

    • A deep cleansing mask is applied to the whole of the back and left on for 20 minutes
      (This mask is particularly good for areas of congestion)

    • Whilst the mask is working, a light foot, leg and scalp massage is offered

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