Professional Waxing Treatments

At Sentosa we use a variety of different warm and hot wax brands. Each one is suitable for various different hair and skin types:

waxing-07MonuSkin Honey, Lavender Cream, and Clean and Easy Tea Tree warm wax are used with a hygienic roller wax system and removed with either paper or cloth strips.



In addition to warm waxes we use Perron Rigot hot strip-less wax.

All of these waxes have been chosen for the gentle but efficient removal of unwanted hair and are suitable for even sensitive skin.

Aftercare Advice

Waxing aftercare is an important element of a waxing treatment. Your therapist has taken the time to protect you from infection, and in addition to normal hygiene routine, a soothing antiseptic product has been applied.

It is important to remember to take care of the waxed area, especially within the first 24 – 48 hours. When a large number of hairs have been removed, this area can easily pick up an infection.

Waxing Aftercare Recommendations

    • Avoid sunbathing, UV sun bed treatments and very hot baths for 48 hours as the waxed areas will be extra sensitive to heat

    • Avoid friction from nylon material and tight clothing

Waxing Aftercare Products

For you to maintain that silky smooth feeling, moisturising products should be used.

Sentosa recommends:

    • Depil Lotion by MonuSkin
    • Cirépil Moisturising Lotion, by Perron Rigot

You can download information on waxing here: