Care of the Hands

The skin of our hands is very fragile and we often expose them to harsh detergents without protection. The harmful chemicals in cleaning products and exposure to the elements, sun, wind and cold accelerate the dehydration of our hands. We need to protect and nourish them to avoid dry and damaged hands.

At Sentosa we have the RENU Anti-Ageing Hand Care Treatment which is rejuvenating and relaxing and ideal for hard working hands that need a little pampering and Pinks Indulgent Aromatic Spa Manicure. Both luxury treatments are perfect for a special occasion or to give as a birthday treat to someone special.

Mavala’s excellent range of hand care products, Monuskin hand and nail care cream and Pinks Organic range of hand and nail products Рyou are spoilt for choice!


The Mavala Hand Care Programme:hand-care-01

Mavala has developed a range of products to care for hands and keep them smooth and healthy. The programme is based on active natural ingredients that work together to maintain continuous moisturising.

    • Repairing Night Cream – revitalises and moisturises. An intensive treatment for dry and damaged hands

    • Revitalising Hand Milk – softens and moisturises. A softening treatment for rough and chapped hands

    • Cleansing Mask – Exfoliates and moisturises. A rejuvenating treatment for an immediate result

    • Hand Cream – Protects and moisturises. Use every day for protection

RENU Anti-Ageing Hand Treatment:

hand-care-02A rejuvenating and relaxing anti-ageing hand treatment. Using a range of anti-ageing products to help improve the appearance of age spots and discolourations whilst deeply nourishing the hands.

    • Aromatic Bath – to nourish and soak the hands

    • Thermal Peel – an extensive exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells

    • Rescue Mask – to deeply nourish and plump the skin

    • Replenishing Treatment Oil – to nourish and condition nails and cuticles

    • Age Defense Balm – SPF15 to protect, relieve dryness and help reduce age spots

You can download information on hand care here: