Taking care of your feet

Be kind to your feet!

Give your feet the same care you give your face and hands. We tend to concentrate on the care of our face, hands and bodies, often neglecting our feet.


Ideally, have a pedicure every two weeks to keep your feet looking good and your skin soft and smooth.

• toenails clipped and filed• nail polish applied

Classic pedicure:

• foot soak • cuticle care • toenails filed • hard skin removed • foot massage • nail polish applied


hand-care-04.jpgPinks – Indulgent Aromatic Spa Pedicure

A wonderfully relaxing foot and lower leg care therapy performed on the treatment coach in total comfort. This pampering manicure is the height of luxury and the fragrant aromas are totally organic. Pinks organic skin care products with their fragrant essential oils and moisturising qualities will delight the senses and leave your skin beautifully soft and cared for.

    • Nail shaping and cuticle care is followed by luxurious skin care treatment for the feel and lower legs
    • Feet are soaked in gentle minerals to soften and a moisturising scrub is used to leave the lower leg and feet smooth
    • A rich nourishing balm is massaged into the lower legs and feet to leave them feeling silky soft and smooth
    • The pedicure is completed with an application of Mavala nail polish and includes a complimentary bottle of your chosen colour

Home Care

feet-02At home you can maintain your pedicure by using foot care products designed especially for feet.

At Sentosa we have a wide range of foot care products created to keep your feet feeling and looking good.

Keep your nails neat by filing straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. Apply foot softening cream and cuticle oil at least once a day after bathing or showering and exfoliating once a week to reduce the amount of hard skin, especially on the heels.

feet-03Going on holiday?

Why not treat yourself to a luxury pedicure? Mavala have some great nail polish colours

You can download information on nail treatments here: