Beautiful Eyes

eye-photo-smallProtecting the eyes from the sun by using good quality sunglasses and making sure your eyebrows are also shielded from the sun (the eye contour can produce pigmentation spots caused by sun damage) is always a must to avoid premature ageing around the eyes. 

Using gentle eye make-up, quality eye-makeup removers and being gentle with the delicate skin around the eyes is essential.

Daily use of eye care products will help hydrate and soften fine lines and reduce puffiness.

Whether you wish to enhance your eyes with an eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and shape, smooth fine lines or reduce puffiness and dark circles, a number of gentle treatments are available at Sentosa.

Specialist treatments using gentle Monu Skin natural botanicals and concentrated ampoules, serums, gel masks, collagen and Micro-current/Galvaderm electro-therapies, together with home use of eye gels and/or eye creams can produce a visible difference. Please contact us for details.

Sentosa has a wide range of products to help care for the delivate eye area and to enhance your natural eyelashes and brows:


    • Cooling Eye Gel
    • Collagen Eye Cream
    • Treatment Collagen Eye Patches


    • Lip and Eye Cream

BareMineral Make-up

    • Flawless Definition Mascara

BareMineral Skin Care

    • Renew and Hydrate Eye Cream
    • Firming Eye Treatment

Mavala Make-up

    • Creamy Treatment Mascara

Mavala Eyelite

    • Double Lash (nutritive care for lashes)

Save money with our treatment packages

Please take a look at the full list of Eye treatments and prices for details.

You can download information on eye treatment here:

* Skin sensitivity test needed. Although products designed especially for use in the eye area are gentle, a skin test is needed 48 hours prior to the first treatment.